Louis Penfield Residence    Willoughby, Ohio    1955

Frank Lloyd Wright


Industrial [storage] Partitions   Erie, Pennsylvania    (2014)   


The repurposing of an ex-industrial complex for recreational use requires a creative approach to mobility/flexibility and utility of partitions with the ability to flex to each tenants varying needs, while offering much needed storage space through a low-impact design solution.

coffee table / ottoman    (2014)


coffee table / ottoman    (2014)


This line of indoor/outdoor furniture utilizes discarded milk crates as structural components with inherent storage capabilities to support simple, yet refined design.

The fold and its counterpart, the fold and cushion, offer beautifully simple object through recycled and accessible materials The 10..6x18.5x3 cushion is customizable by color, fitting  in the void on top of the whiteboard ottoman base.  

Boulevard Green    Cleveland, Ohio    (2014)   


Opportunity for rich public space can be found anywhere! Boulevard Green asks “Why not put this unused piece of infrastructure to work and inspire community?” This intervention is programmed to be activated throughout the year, with its adjacency to outdoor seating areas and location at the gateway to a private university making it a fitting location for civic investment.  

Designbelt’s New Look    (2014)

Check out the new Designbelt website and see the work that made the multi-discplinary studio more than just a blog. 

City of the Books and the Images    Mexico City, Mexico    (2012)

Taller 6A

How can the shaping of space incorporate utility in the face of an increasingly paperless culture? Design can generate a piece super-furniture (a), develop texture that enables social interaction (b) or utilize depth to carve out private space (c). In this project, the shelf becomes an envelope that allows the needs of each surface sync beautifully with the design concept to create a unique spatial experience.       

(a) HUB    Seoul, South Korea    (2013)

Hyunjoon Yoo Architects

(b) Alexis Bookshop and Coffee Bar    Bratislava, Slovakia    (2010)

Plural + Totalstudio

(c) Raheen Library at Australian Catholic University    Fitzroy, Australia   (2013)

Woods Bagot

The small town of Brocton would be merely a stoplight on Route 20 in Southwestern New York if it weren’t for the electrified arches giving the central intersection significance (a). Without some utility, mere spectacle in conflict with infrastructure devalues urban space for fleeting headlines (b). The arch makes Brocton worth remembering on your journey through Chatauqua’s wine country, while Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland does not need a spectacle to make an already successful public space valid.

(a) Brocton Arch    Brocton, New York    (1913)

Phoenix Bridge Co.

(b) Playhouse Square Chandelier    Cleveland, Ohio    (2014)

Danny Barnycz

Kalorias Children’s Space    Linda-a-Velha, Portugal    (2013)

estudio AMATAM

Materiality, color (a) and furinture (b) play a monumental in shaping a positive environment for children that supports activation and play (c). In this project, estudio AMATAM succeeds beautifully in merging utility with attitude. 

(a) New Building for Nursery and Kindergarden    Biscay, Spain   (2013)


(b) Kulturhus Trommen    Akureyri, Iceland    (2013)

Arkitema Architects

(c) Kfar Shemaryahu Kindergarden    Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel    (2013)

Shoshany Architects / Sarit Shani Hay

The Name of the Game is: Adaptive Reuse    (2014)


Our cities are plagued with aged or unihabited power retail centers, oversized for current retail tenants yet undersized for big box stores. This is a collaborative approach to adaptive reuse master planning, that is both game and design tool; offering a playful backdrop for real conversations about scale and programming.

Pick a scale, think big and go to town!

Designbelt Business Cards    (2014)   

"It’s about to get real (a)”. As things begin to heat up with product design fabrication (b) and teaching (c) Designbelt is in need of a new look. Gone are the days of one-sided, white cards printed by Staples; we are designers and our brand should reflect that.  

(a) Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys Michael Bay. Don Simpson / Jerry Bruckheimer Films (1995)

(b) Wine Box anticipated fabrication Summer 2014

(c) Adjunct Faculty, Mercyhurst University Interior Design Program (Fall 2014)

Wine Box Version 2    (2014)   


second cycle sustainability The life cycle of of materials requires that re-use be built into the design of products if sustainability is truly to be a consideration as the human footprint on the environment is paramount to all superficial constructions deemed worthy of LEED credit.

Wi-Fi Bench    Erie, Pennsylvania    (2014)   


Connectivity relies on service and security to make a public wireless network truly accessible. The detailing of each component is critical in supporting an invisible infrastructure* known only by the presence of the project icon.

*Thomas Pynchon. The Crying of Lot 49 (HarperCollins 1965).

Design Your Own Library: a “choose your own adventure” style design primer  (2013)

Jeremy Smith / Designbelt 

entry text from the Fenn Young Designers Awards

Libraries built for the millennial generation will have no boundaries and cease to act as containers of knowledge but conduits for access. The library has the potential to be whatever we make it, whether that be as big as an ex-factory or as small as a bench. The dissolution of boundaries in support of a virtual library means we are free to redefine the value of space while remixing program. This primer is both tool and game offering a playful way to approach design, allowing you to be the architect of your own library.

Wine Box Version 2    (2014)   


The Wine Box is more than just a case for packaging wine. Once delivered, boxes can be stitched together to make a wine rack or placed on their side for refrigeration. The box is simplified to a folded laser-cut, coated cardboard sheet and (3) tubes, easily reproduced and transportable to be assembled as needed. The design elements are easily customizable to the specific winery with supergraphic, cut out logo and vineyard information as directed.